OmniPascal 0.12.0 – Add units to uses clauses

This GIF shows how “Implement interface” automatically adds System.TypInfo to the uses clause and how the new “Add unit to uses” command works.

New features:
– Execute Add unit to uses in order to add a unit to a uses clause without navigating to the top. Open the command palette (by pressing F1 or CTRL+SHIFT+P) and type “Add unit to uses”. Select the uses clause and a list of all available units will appear. Select the one you want and press enter. The command is also bound to ALT+U
– Automatic implementation of interfaces adds missing units to the uses clause
– Member of typed pointers can be resolved

– Creation of errors and warnings does no longer stop working after a while
– Constants in classes are now resolved properly
– Indexed access on constant resolves now to the definition of that constant / constant array
– Fixed random crashes

Notable changes:
– General performance improvements. Especially startup and code completion are much faster.