OmniPascal 0.10.0 – Intrinsic symbols and castings

– Members of type casted identifiers can be resolved
– Code completion works even when working with type casts
– Basic data types like Integer or String appear in code completion
– Added support for Delphi Intrinsic Routines for Windows 32 platform
– True, False and Nil now appear in code completion
– Added support for pointer types

– Names of nested types in generic classes couldn’t be resolved in method implementations
– Names of nested strict private types can be resolved
– Code completion list doesn’t grow anymore when triggered multiple times in classes which inherit from a specialized generic class
– Fixed occasional crashes of OmniPascalServer.exe when editing code with multiple cursors
– Calls to overloaded methods weren’t always resolved correctly based on the parameter count. (Resolving calls to overloaded methods still doesn’t work when multiple versions of a method accept the same amount of parameters)
– Members of items in generic arrays can be resolved
– Name resolving and code completion for symbols defined in the implementation section now works in initialization and finalization section

…as well as some speed improvements.